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Projection Art in Tamworth

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

This was a dream project, where I had creative licence to create three related projection art pieces for the Tamworth CBD, in a night which featured other great LED-fuelled fun. I also got the opportunity to assist three very talented young Gomeroi artists in creating their own artworks for the night and the site, which made the whole experience many times more special. Not to mention that I also got my regular young students involved, creating flip book animations which were projected huge on the night, much to their delight!

I mainly used Blender for the project, my first real go at the software, and 3D animation in general, and I found it really rewarding (and frustrating, but that's the job, man).


The River

The Gambler

- Concept art for each piece.

- The wonderful creativity of some of my regular young students


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