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Waanda Ngingalaanha Dhigarragal

I was blessed to be able to work on a very meaningful project in the past few months, animating a Gomeroi creation story with Yinarr Maramali, of which my partner Sophie Honess is a member. On this project, we also worked with some bright young stars of the Gomeroi community on the narration and translation of the story, Rueben and Jayden; as well as help with the story from Marc Sutherland. I worked closely with director Amy Hammond on all aspects of the production, mixing our artworks and styles for the final product, and most importantly ensuring we were accurately presenting a coherent Gomeroi worldview - of particular importance was accurate representation of the various ecosystems of the Gomeroi lands, and the birds which inhabit them.

I was really honoured to have this opportunity. The video was for a project called Storybook, which is a travelling box featuring its own content, and content specific to each place it visits. It is hopefully among the first of many more pieces of content which can be used to support and spread Gomeroi language and culture among our community.


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